Zoning & Ventilation

With today’s open plan living, we have much larger spaces to heat and cool. Sometimes the best way to make your building more efficient in heating or cooling is to create ‘zones’. Zoning simply means the sealing off of an area or areas in your home. This will help to reduce the amount of energy you need to use as you will be heating or cooling a smaller space. As part of your Assessment, Ecocraft may suggest zoning where appropriate, and can provide you with the relevant measures such as applying draught seals to existing doors or by installing new doors or walls. This may include more clearly defining living spaces or zoning ‘out’ areas such as bathrooms and laundries that require ventilation.

We can also help you to identify other cooling possibilities enabled by the design of your home such as utilising a cross breeze. It is surprising how many people turn to their air conditioners when they are able to cool their homes for free by simply directing the flow of air through their home during a southerly breeze. By analysing these ‘free’ opportunities for reducing heat gains and active cooling techniques we can help you save money and energy.

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