Sustainable Renovations

All our renovations are designed and carried out with sustainability and energy efficiency as the primary focus, yet incorporate comfort and style. Wherever possible we utilise sustainable products, such as our timbers – we will only use FSC Certified Products or reclaimed or remilled timber.

Renovating is an ideal time to address the thermal and energy efficiency of your building. Many materials commonly used in building are actually conducting (transferring) heat or cold into your home. A prime example is aluminium window frames. Ecocraft can help you identify these conductors, and advise you on options to minimise their impact. By addressing these key elements you can create a more comfortable home which will cost you less to run and easily help you meet or exceed the energy ratings specified in the National Construction Code. We also focus on design elements such as natural light, orientation and solar access, as well as practical living spaces which interconnect to your outdoor spaces and provide streamlined and efficient, yet relaxed living.

You can also opt for a “Healthy Interiors” consultation which provides information and advice on making informed choices of materials, finishes and products to minimise chemical exposure within the home.

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