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   Fig 1.0  Source: Your Home Federal Government website


Fig 1.0  Source: Your Home Federal Government website

Ecocraft are specialists in improving comfort and reducing the energy costs of your home or commercial building. 

Generally we recommend attending to draughts, ceiling insulation and external shading first. Much energy, heat and cooling is lost through draught gaps in the building and via the ceiling, and stopping that loss will make a substantial difference (see fig 1.0). Similarly, external shading will help to reduce substantial heat gains through windows and walls during summer. Attending to these factors will ensure your building is well sealed, and able to retain heat in winter, and stay cool in summer. These are also usually the easiest areas to attend to without too much disruption and expense.

To further improve the thermal efficiency of your building and reduce energy costs, we would then recommend double glazing of windows, insulating under floors and walls, and addressing zoning and ventilation requirements.

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