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Whether you are planning to renovate and/or retrofit your existing building, the place to start is with one of our Ecocraft assessments.

Our Assessments can be as straight forward as a STOP DRAUGHT check to examine gaps
and leaks (which most homes have and which can account for as much as a 25% loss of heat), through to a comprehensive report of all energy and thermal aspects including an investigation of your energy bills and appliances, to highlight areas of wastage and recommend opportunities to save. 

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Comfort in saving

Ecocraft are specialists in improving comfort and reducing the energy costs of your home or commercial building. 

Assessment addressing insulating, shading and weatherproofing your house can save
you up to 45% on your current electricity
bills* while increasing the comfort and
value of your home!

* Source: The Sustainable Living Guide  

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Sustainable renovations

All Ecocraft renovations are designed and carried out with sustainability and energy efficiency as the primary focus, yet incorporate comfort and style. Renovating is an ideal time to address the energy efficiency of your building. However, these solutions can also be retrofitted to buildings in their existing form.

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