Blackburn 7 Star Renovation

Blackburn Sustainable Renovation with a 7 star energy rating.
This is a full scale renovation of a Mid-Century home bringing it back to its former glory and enhanced by a full thermal shell upgrade and refurbishment.
The home has an existing northerly aspect to the main living spaces, now with double glazing throughout, highly insulated ceiling, walls and floor and draught sealing. The home remains a consistent temperature with the use passive heating and cooling techniques. Additional heating and cooling is available via the new reversible Hydronic system. There is energy efficient LED lighting throughout with a induction cooktop in the kitchen. The home has been wired for future Solar PV and the home now requires a 50% smaller system since the renovations.
All timber work and joinery is from sustainable resources, reused of recycled with Natural oil finishes. The feature kitchen is the hub of the home and is custom made from natural durable materials with non-toxic finishes.
VOC's are minimised throughout the home with selected products including oils, paints and construction materials.
The landscaping includes permaculture water harvesting principles that provided passive irrigation to the native plants and vegetables.
Rated at 0.9 stars prior to the renovation our client now enjoys a home with an impressive 7 star energy rating with both comfortable and beautiful indoor and outdoor living spaces.